Hampton Roads, VA has been a hotbed of talent for decades. Hometown heroes, such as Allen Iverson, Michael Vick, Missy Elliott and Pharrell Williams (to name a few) have been a source of inspiration for this area's natives for as long as Grxnd Mxrquis can remember. Other than their area code, one thing all of these superstars have in common is their distinct individuality.  They don't just fit in, they standout, breathing new life into their fields of expertise. The same can be said for Grxnd Mxrquis, who saw the worldwide lockdown in 2020 as an opportunity to tap into his potential and hone his skills on the mic. 

When you think of Grxnd Mxrquis, think wordplay. He sees every track as a chance for him to flex his lyrical muscle and push his pen to the next level. His clever punchlines often catch listeners off guard, adding heavy doses of swag throughout each verse. These characteristics are on full display in his latest single, High Rolla, which is one of four songs from his forthcoming ep, You Look Famous, and will be available on all streaming platforms February 22. Keep up with Grxnd Mxrquis on Instagram and at grxndmxrquis.com.


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It's win now or bust.” - Grxnd Mxrquis

'Win Now'


Song List




Come Home

M.A.B. (Man Among Boys)

Mr. Freeze

Win Now

Yao Ming


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